Raja Skogland

Raja Skogland

Head of Fintech

Raja is the Head of Fintech at TheFactory, a leading Fintech and Proptech Nordic startup hub, located in Oslo. TheFactory offers industry tailored pre-seed acceleration programs, incubation, co-working and invest in ambitious early stage founders from across the Nordics. TheFactory was recently awarded Best Accelerator Program in Norway. Raja in an entrepreneur, startup advisor and angel investor, who has worked several years in Private Banking in Switzerland. Since she moved to Norway in 2015, she has been helping 1000s of entrepreneurs start and successfully grow their startup. She is known for launching and managing Hub.no which she grew to over 1200 startups in Norway, and also launched an online accelerator program Grundr Academy. For all her initiatives, she was nominated as a finalist in the category “Ecosystem Hero of the year”, by the Nordic Startup Awards, in 2018

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